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Click on the YouTube link to view InfraCycle's E-Series Tutorials

E-Series Short Tutorial YouTube Videos

List of Recorded Webinars:


  1. What is Municipal Financial Sustainability (Ray Essiambre)

  2. Bedroom Community or Whole Community? (Ray Essiambre with Guest Speaker David Bell, Senior Associate, Planning & Retail Consulting, Colliers International)

  3. Communicating Fiscal Realities to Council - Why doesn't Council get it? (Ray Essiambre and Phil Dack, Senior Associate, InfraCycle Fiscal Solutions)

  4. Comparing Fiscal Realities of Urban Residential Designs (Ray Essiambre)

  5. Do Increases in Property Taxes, User Fees and Other Municipal Charges Affect Votes for Elected Officials? (Ray Essiambre and Brian Bourns, Policy Sector Advisory, KPMG)

  6. Financial Growth Studies – An approach to evaluating long term land use scenarios (Ray Essiambre)

  7. Financial Sustainability Webinar Introduction (Ray Essiambre)

  8. Financial Sustainability Webinar for Elected Officials and Senior Management (Ray Essiambre with Guest Speaker Gordon Branson, Former Councilor, Rocky View County)

  9. How Land Use Planners and Planning Committees Affect Your Municipality's Net Revenues (Ray Essiambre)

  10. Is Your Municipality Ready for a Change in Corporate Culture? (Ray Essiambre)

  11. Municipalities That Develop Their Own Land (Ray Essiambre and Todd Pickett, Supervisor of Land Management, the City of Corner Brook, Newfoundland)

  12. Reclaiming Your Retail Dollars, Retail Space, and Taxes Lost to Other Markets? (Ray Essiambre)

  13. Redevelopment of Main Street & Impact of the Economy on Local Governments (Ray Essiambre with Guest Speaker Cynthia Tidwell, Planning and Zoning Administrator, Village of Corrals)

  14. Successes of InfraCycle Clients While Using Fiscal Analysis Software (Ray Essiambre with Guest Speaker Gary Buxton, Manager of Planning and Development for The town of Canmore)

  15. Surviving The Crazy Budget Season (Ray Essiambre)

  16. The Build Canada Fund, Update and What's Next? (Ray Essiambre and Adam Thompson, Policy Analyst, The Federation of Canadian Municipalities)

  17. The Hidden Impact of Land Use Decisions on Municipal Budgets (Ray Essiambre and Phil Dack)

  18. The Importance and Implication of Council's Next Fiscal Theme (Ray Essiambre with Guest Speaker Shari-Anne Dooleage)

  19. The Power Triangle (Ray Essaimbre and Eric McSweeney BA, EcD(F), CCIM, ALC, CMC, President, McSweeney & Associates)

  20. The True Story - Does residential development generate a net loss or net revenue gain? (Ray Essiambre)

  21. Working and Negotiating with Land Developers (Ray Essiambre)

  22. What Happens When Municipal Treasurers and Staff are Left out of the Process (Ray Essiambre)

  23. Zero Taxes and Getting The Most From Your Business Park (Ray Essiambre with Guest Speaker Stephen Fegyverneki, Acting Manager of Planning and Development Services, Parkland County)

  24. How Municipalities and Land Developers Can Negotiate a Better Future (Ray Essiambre)

  25. Improving Your Municipality's Finances (Ray Essiambre with Guest Speaker Craig Davidson)

  26. How Municipalities and Land Developers Can Work Together to Build Financially Viable Communities (Ray Essiambre with Guest Speaker Greg Varricchio)

  27. The Buck Stops With Council (Ray Essiambre)

  28. Improving Fiscal Outcomes with Fiscal Impact Analysis (Ray Essiambre)

  29. Getting the Most From A Business Park (Ray Essiambre with Guest Speaker Tom Koep, Manager, Economic Development & Tourism, Parkland County, AB)

  30. Do Increases in Property Taxes, User Fees and other Municipal Charges Affect Votes for Elected Officials?" (Ray Essiambre)

  31. What You Need to Know About Development Charges, Off-site Levies and Managing Revenues (Ray Essiambre and Guest Speaker Roderick de Leeuw)

  32. Financial Tools, British Columbia Municipal Government Act Section 882 Financial Reporting and Measuring Financial Implications of Development Incentives (Ray Essiambre)


If you would like to watch a recording of a past webinar please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Administrative Assistant. In the e-mail please indicate which recording you would like to have access to.


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